Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, State and PAX.
Depends on the traffic for both.
Not age but height criteria is applicable – children above 110 cms are charged full and below 110cms are charged half ticket.
Email ID is mandatory and a provision for SMS on mobiles will also be required.
Tickets can be booked either online or offline (at the respective unit counters).
Yes,  booking is there and we are providing the individual ticket to customer from the counter at the ropeways. All are manually done.
If someone misses the booking date then they will have to book again.
Half ticket for children up to the height of 110cms or 3.5ft. full ticket for children above 110cms or 3.5ft.
Up to 10 tickets can be booked.
Yes, there is a concession on the ticket and the person needs to show the supporting documents (if required).